Services for foreign companies

How to sell and market in Finland? Where to find customers or cooperative partners and how to reach them? How to manage a project abroad?

A new approach may be needed to make your product or service suitable to the needs and expectations of the potential foreign market and its culture.

We in Tradella Ltd help our customers to be more successful by understanding better how the Finnish market works.

We provide our customers expertise, praxis, nexus (potential business network partners and customers) and also added resources in business management when needed.

We are pleased to help our customers understanding all such of factors that can affect success in sales and marketing in Finland and paying attention to invest available resources effective and right in the future business.

Examples of our services:

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Productization and Commercialization Services
  • Brand Development Consulting
  • Communication Services
  • Operational Sales and Marketing Support
  • Sales Culture Training
  • Exhibition and Conference Services

We would appreciate to tell you more about us, our references and ways we could help your business grow!

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